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    Hip Replacement Surgeon in Baner

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    The largest and one of the most crucial joints in the human body is the hip joint. We can run, walk, and jump thanks to it. It supports the body's weight and the force of the leg's and hip's powerful muscles.

    With the exception of the shoulder, the hip joint is also one of our most flexible joints and offers the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body. The os coxa (hip bone) and the femur come together to form the hip joint, which is a ball-and-socket synovial joint. The hip joint’s socket is formed by the acetabulum, a rounded, cup-shaped structure on the os coxa. The ball of the joint is formed by the femur’s rounded head.


    The synovial membrane, a supple tissue, encircles the hip joint. This membrane in a healthy, functional hip secretes a tiny amount of fluid that lubricates the cartilage and almost eliminates friction during joint movement. Hip issues and pain arise from the bone ends rubbing painfully against one another as the joint surface ages.


    The articular cartilage in the hip joint is susceptible to degradation from injury, abuse, and aging because of its structure.


    Dislocation, rips, and injuries to the ligaments that support and surround the joint are some more typical hip issues.

    There are common surgical techniques available to fix the joint, bring back function, and ease pain. Dr. Amit Laturkar specialized in hip replacement (hip arthroplasty), a procedure for which he uses hip arthroscopy, the Direct Anterior Approach as well as the Posterior Approach. Consult with Dr. Amit Laturkar, the top hip replacement surgeon in Baner, to have your hip replaced.

    Dislocation, rips, and injuries to the ligaments that support and surround the joint are some more typical hip issues.
    There are common surgical techniques available to fix the joint, bring back function, and ease pain. The top hip replacement surgeon in Baner Pune is Dr. Amit Laturkar. He uses minimally invasive hip surgery, hip arthroscopy, the Direct Anterior Approach, and the Posterior Approach.

    Hip replacement surgery is among the most popular joint replacement procedures performed worldwide. Technology developments made it possible for the treatment to have higher success rates. Due to this, even the younger patients decided to have the operation. We have a group of the greatest surgeons doing the procedure because we started the field. We carry out a minimally invasive operation to keep you out of the hospital. Additionally, because they speed up recovery, minimally invasive therapies contribute to better healing. Additionally, using implants of the highest calibre has produced the desired outcomes.

    Why Do I Need a New Hip?

    You should undergo hip replacement surgery if your hip joint is worn out. Any injury to the hip joint limits its range of motion, which results in pain. Most people choose to get hip replacement surgery as a result of osteoarthritis. You must come to us if you have a hip fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, or atypical bone development. Whatever the cause of your hip discomfort or decreased mobility, we will make sure to give you the best hip surgery to get you back on track.

    Examine many elements, such as hip replacement surgery!

    If medication or physiotherapy don’t help you, you should hunt for the best hip replacement surgeon in Baner Pune. Hip replacement surgery is a possibility for you if you want to increase your mobility and lessen pain. Our surgeons have years of expertise doing hip replacement procedures and are experts in the field. Over 97% of our famous surgeon’s operations are successful. When handling hip trauma situations, our doctors make care to bring along their vast experience. Our doctor also does joint reconstruction operations in addition to this.

    Hip Replacement Surgeon in Aundh

    Cost of a hip replacement procedure?

    Due to the complexity of hip replacement surgery, the price is a little expensive. Our skilled and knowledgeable orthopaedic doctor performs the surgery to make sure this difficult treatment goes smoothly. In India, hip replacements are less expensive than in other countries. The overall cost of a hip replacement depends on a number of factors. This could involve the kind of implant we use, its calibre, the price of your physical therapy and rehabilitation. Your post-surgical complications also have an impact on the cost of the treatment. You can anticipate that surgery will typically cost between Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 lakhs.

    Best Hospital in Pune Baner for Hip Replacement!

    If you’re searching for the best hip replacement surgeon in Baner, look no further than Dr. Amit Laturkar. With his expertise and precision, he has a proven track record of successfully performing hip replacement procedures. Dr. Laturkar’s diagnoses are accurate and personalized, ensuring that your specific needs are addressed.

    Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, guaranteeing a satisfying experience throughout your treatment journey. From the moment you walk through our doors until the end of your treatment, we strive to provide top-notch services that meet your expectations.

    We understand the importance of minimizing wait times and facilitating a speedy recovery. By choosing us, you can rest assured that we prioritize efficiency and do everything possible to reduce your wait time and ensure a quick and successful recovery.

    When it comes to hip replacement surgery, selecting the right surgeon is crucial. By opting for Dr. Amit Laturkar, you will receive the highest level of care possible. Put your trust in us and experience the excellence of our services.

    Hip Replacement Surgeon in Aundh