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    Spine Surgery

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    What is the most common spinal surgery?

    1. The spine, which is additionally called the backbone or vertebral column, is one of the strongest parts of the body and provides us with an excellent deal of flexibility and strength. The Spine plays a very important role in our body’s stability and strength whenever we move around.
    2. Back pain may be a quite common problem and can affect in disturbing in their daily life Activity. In most cases, In Most cases, the problem is not severe and it’d just be caused by an easy strain to a muscle.
    3. As you take some Basic Medication or sometimes it goes away with time. Being Active in Exercise is not make Back Pain more serious as you are not in severe pain initially.

     4. for many patients who are suffering from a spinal condition Or Back Pain. For that spine surgery is the best choice for getting Pain Relive and Resume their Daily Life Activities. But Before having surgery, patients must be properly Consult with an experienced spine orthopedic surgeon and get full knowledge About the Treatment Options.

    Which doctors provide spine problems treatment ?

    There are many sorts of medical doctors who can provide patients treatment regarding the spine, like physical medicine, neurologists, and Spine doctor. But in spine surgery-related cases two surgeons are specialized Orthopedic Surgeon and Neurosurgeon.

    One of the important tasks for your  Orthopedic Surgeon is to Diagnose which sort of Surgery is useful for your Condition.  Dr. Amit Laturkar is an Experienced Spine orthopaedic surgeon in Pune.  He has over 20 years and 800+ surgeries Experience.

    Both surgeons are highly skilled specialists in their Field with proper medical Training. So the Basic difference is orthopedic surgeons specializing in spine care and neurosurgeons are more focused on surgical practices also as in their training.

    Signs For spine Surgery

    1. Pain That Doesn’t Go Away
    2. The Continuous Pain to Your Arms and Legs
    3. Severe Injury
    4. A broken or dislocated bone
    5. Spinal infection
    6. Spinal cord tumor
    Spine orthopaedic surgeon in Pune

    Benefits of Spine Surgery

    1. Less pain after surgery.
    2. Less pain medication use.
    3. Less muscle and soft tissue damage.
    4. No pain medications
    5. Higher efficiency to work
    6. Shorter hospital stay
    7. Quicker return to daily activities

    Risk of Spinal Surgery

    1. Damage to surrounding tissues
    2. Pain from the surgery itself.
    3. Anesthesia Risks
    4. Bleeding
    5. Blood Clots
    6. Herniated disk
    7. Nerve damage

    Types of Spine the Surgery

    The spine may be a highly complex and important component of the physical body, so it became very important to find the right Surgeon if you are facing any Spine problems like neck pain, Back Pain.

    There are different types of spinal surgery for back pain, including the following:-

    1. Cervical Spine Surgery
    2. Lumbar Laminectomy for Spine
    3. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
    4. Fusion
    5. Spinal Decompression
    6. Spine Tumor Surgery
    7. Spine Osteotomy
    8. Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement.
    Spine orthopaedic surgeon in Pune

    After the Spine Surgery

    After surgery, recovery mostly depends on many things, from your overall health to your Symptoms and the type of your Surgery. Sometimes it can take 6 months to a year for your backbone to heal, it varies on Your Surgery type. A laminectomy or discectomy removes a touch of tissue from the spine area. Recovery time probably takes up to 12 weeks.

    Call your doctor When you have the following:-

    1. More Pain in Back
    2. Chest pain,
    3. Shortness of breath
    4. Calf pain
    5. Swelling